Biohacker Summit 2017: Memory Upgrades, Wild Foods, and Thermogenesis with Mattias Ribbing and Teemu Arina

What is biohacking?

Biohacking can be a polarizing word.

Those identify themselves as biohackers love it, seeing the word as an umbrella term for the many ways we pursue an optimized human experience - including fitness, nutrition, technology, and nature to name a few.

But for many, the term biohacker carries connotations of seeking shortcuts and the avoidance of doing the work.

(Nothing could be farther from the truth - biohackers are among the hardest working, most well read researched folks I've met)

Still, others are confused by the term, and turned off before they have a chance to understand what it means.

This podcast, and the Biohacker Summit is an open invitation for all to understand the term, meet the welcoming world of biohacking, and embrace the pursuit of better living through science and nature.

Biohacker Summit 2017: Teemu Arina and Mattias Ribbing

On May 19, Stockholm Sweden will host some of the world's leading scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and biohackers.

Thousands of like-minded "optimizers" will gather to expand their capabilities and push the boundaries of what it means to be human at the 2017 Biohacker Summit.

The event is coordinated by this week's guests on the OPP, Teemu Arina and Mattias Ribbing.

You may recognize Mattias Ribbing as the Grand Master of memory who appeared on this previous episode of the OPP, and wrote this post about using CILTEP to improve his memory.

Teemu is the founder of the Biohacker Summit in Europe, co-author of the Biohacker Book and one of most well-rounded biohackers you'll ever meet.

Together this dynamic duo is preparing one of the world's great gatherings.

In this podcast, we explore the event, the word and world of biohacking, and as always, our guest provide you with actionable strategies that will fuel your pursuit to #LiveOptimal

Listen to the Optimal Performance Podcast on-the-go:

Here's What You'll Learn From Teemu and Mattias on the OPP:

  • How one man's stress ulcers before 30 birthed the European Biohacker Summit
  • Using data-driven metrics to quantify self-experimentation and track progress
  • Biohacking = Facilitating better living through science (and nature)
  • How the European approach to biohacking differs from the American approach
  • Why behavior change is so difficult
  • Why food is better for you if it first had to fight for it's own life
  • Beginner tips for foraging wild foods in your own backyard, and why you may have healthier options in your backyard than on supermarket shelves
  • Harvesting your own testosterone boosting pine pollen
  • The 2 best ways for your brain to learn
  • Using visualization to retain information from conferences, speeches, and books
  • A Finnish tradition that increases white blood cell count, boosts immunity, and increases time in the parasympathetic state
  • The difference between traditional sauna and infrared saunas - and the benefits of each
  • Why we need to go on "information diets" periodically
  • The speakers and topics at Biohacker Summit that Mattias and Teemu are most excited to hear
  • Using the Way of Life App to build healthy habits
  • Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal from both Mattias Ribbing and Teemu Arina


The 2017 Biohacker Summit 

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Mattias on OPP: How To Quickly Become an Expert at Anything


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