208 FLOW Meditation With James Brown

By Sean McCormick


Table of Contents:

Delete your meditation apps. Learn to meditate without someone telling you what to do. 

Fresh off his presentation at The Biohacking Conference - James Brown teaches meditation to a list of very cool companies  - and I understand why - he's good. 

"Meditation helps you make less mistakes."

Vedic Path Meditation teaches people a way to meditate that's more accessible than other forms of meditation. James and I dig into this form of meditation and also consider the question about why meditation is useful - and you may be surprised by his answer. 

This is a really fascinating conversation about the usefulness of meditation for busy people. 

James has given all of you a discount for his online meditation course which includes 12 videos lessons and bunch of other video support and goodies.

SIGN UP HERE - https://www.flowmeditation.cc/


In this episode we cover:

• Flow states

• Why FLOW Meditation works better than any app

• How he went from a turbulent life, to calm and happy with meditation

• Differences and similarities between meditation practices

• The different layers of consciousness


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