CILTEP Review: Man With Learning Disability Feels Normal


Hi, my name is Clinton Scofield.

I'm a 43-year-old man living in Oregon as a truck driver. I am highly creative and imaginative and in my spare time I love studying, working on the internet, social media marketing, video editing and design.

I’m also heavy into Crossfit and living a healthy lifestyle. I also have a learning disability. I typically have difficulty learning and retaining knowledge whenever I approach a new topic or subject.

After 30 minutes of reading or studying for a course, my mind would get fogged and tired. The same thing occurs when I attempt to read eBooks or go through lots of email messages.

It's extremely frustrating. I first heard about CILTEP from the Tim Ferriss interview on the Joe Rogan Show. I then listened to the podcast with Roy Krebs and Abelard Lindsay on


I was willing to try anything.

I know that my learning disability has held me back for most my life. Sometimes, I've felt like an artist with his hands cut off.

I purchased Natural Stacks because they are natural products that do not require a doctor’s prescription. Because the DOT administers random drug tests, I was not going to risk losing my drivers license to drugs like modafinil without a prescription.


It’s been almost 2 months since I started using CILTEP and SMART CAFFEINE.

The first day I started  taking Natural Stacks it was subtle at first I thought nothing was happening, but then as I progressed through the day I realized that I did not get tired once from watching a video course, reading or any other mental activity. I have also been doing daily online mental exercises like

Using Natural Stacks my mind is clear and focused.

Do Natural Stacks work? YES!

My ability to learn, focus has greatly improved and seems to get stronger my mind always seems to be “ON”. I remember names easily, I’m taking and enjoying classes at my local community college and I’m starting an online business.

Even my Crossfit workouts have improved.

Will it make you a genius? No but it clears the mind and allows you to be more focused and productive.

I highly recommend it to anybody that needs help in their mental abilities.

Note: I also supplement my stacks off and on with Twinlab Choline Cocktail 2 (link) which improves my mood highly. I only do this in the mornings though, because the combination is too powerful at nighttime.

Disclosure: Clinton was the 41st customer at and has purchased two combo packs from our website. He sent this review in to us, to share his experience with the world. It's an incredible story and we're lucky to have such amazing customers.

We will be sending him one bottle of CILTEP and one bottle of SMART CAFFEINE for sending this in. Reviews are the opinions of the authors and do not represent those of Natural Stacks LLC.


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