Dr. Amy Johson: The Truth About Addictions, Habits and How To Make Change

Big doors swing on little hinges.

That's how the saying goes, and that's the essence of biohacking.

We're thrilled to talk with Dr. Amy Johnson, author of The Little Book of Big Change on Episode 38 of the Optimal Performance Podcast as she explains the truth about our addictions, habits and how to make change.


Dr. Amy Johnson is a talented writer, psychologist and life coach. Author of the books "Being Human" and "The Little Book Of Big Change", Amy specializes in helping people overcome disordered eating, and finding balance in their lives for long-term, sustainable health.

In this episode, Amy shares her experience with binge eating and talks about the philosophy that helped her overcome her own struggles, inspired her books and became the foundation of her practice that helps many others overcome their own struggles.

"Habits are our brain's best attempt to feel better." - Dr. Amy Johnson

For those looking to break a habit or otherwise make a change, this is a powerful revelation that explains why we are so drawn to that activity - especially when "triggered" by our mood, emotions, or certain events.

Understanding this connection allows us to "see" what we are doing from an outside perspective and we can allow those thoughts to pass, return to homeostasis and remained balanced for lifelong health and happiness.

That's what I took away from talking to Amy in this unique and insightful podcast. See what you think & let us know in the comments below.


What You'll Learn From Dr. Amy Johnson in This Episode of The OPP:

  • As humans, we are all naturally WELL, CALM, and AT PEACE - then "stuff happens" that disrupts our naturally occurring health and wellness
  • How "The Little Book of Big Change" helps us get back to our fundamental health
  • The insights that helped Dr. Amy overcome her binge eating patterns (HINT: traditional diets and methods didn't "FREE" her of the issue)
  • "Habits are our mind's best attempt to feel better" 
  • Knowing what you want in life - not getting caught up in your head and in your thoughts
  • "Thoughtmares" - what are they and why do we do that to ourselves?
  • Which lens of the kaleidoscope are you looking through?
  • "When you understand how something works, you can leverage it to your advantage." 
  • Unblock yourself, lose the garbage and ditch the interference to tap into your innate wellness
  • Where you can find more of Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Amy's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal


Links & Resources:

Amy's Website Amy's Books:

"The worst place to be is afraid of our own experience" - Dr. Amy Johnson


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