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Ex-NFL Player Eddie Williams Hacking Performance When Traveling

By Ryan Munsey



The Latin phrase Ex Nihilo, meaning "from nothing", summarizes ex-NFL football player Eddie Williams's rise to success as well as his approach to optimal health and wellness.

Eddie joins us on Episode #23 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to share his message about connection, awareness and finding your transcendent purpose.

After his NFL career, Eddie Williams has become a pastor, motivational speaker, and is now the founder of Ex Nihilo Health where he focuses on getting back to basics - the way we were born to be!

A passionate speaker, Eddie has a knack for helping others find their purpose and believe in themselves, so get ready to learn and be fired up.  


What You'll Hear From Eddie Williams in this episode:

  • CILTEP for Public Speaking - no stuttering or dropping words for this motivational speaker!
  • The Ex Nihilo movement - "from nothing" and getting back to the way things were created
  • Glyphosate and other chemicals on our food
  • How to recover like an elite-level athlete
  • Acupuncture for long-term injury recovery, balance, and sleep
  • How to train around injuries
  • TRAVEL TIPS: How to perform at your best when traveling more than you're home
  • Carbohydrate nightmare stories from NFL Training Camp & how to adjust your carb intake for your own demands
  • Why Eddie says Gatorade is the biggest scam in sports
  • Optimal fueling for 5K's, "Goos", shoes and marathons
  • Connecting your mind, body, and spirit for optimal performance
  • Eddie's story of overcoming anxiety, weight gain, and adrenal fatigue
  • What LEADERS need to know to get 20, 30 or 40% MORE out of themselves
  • Finding your TRANSCENDENT PURPOSE (Hint: Go outside of yourself for the answers)
  • Where to get more from Eddie
  • Eddie Williams's Top 3 tips to Live Optimal

Links & Resources

Ex Nihilo Website

Eddie on Twitter & Instagram

BVO & Gatorade

Natural Stacks Performance Optimizers

Natural Protein



Vitamin C + Zinc


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